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Kalamazoo voters can easily find their polling location by accessing the Michigan Voter Information Center at www.michigan.gov/vote. Voters can also call 3-1-1 or (269) 337-8000 for assistance finding their polling location or with any questions related to elections and voting in Kalamazoo. 

City of Kalamazoo Precincts

They City of Kalamazoo is divided into 27 voting precincts. Per state law, voting precincts are not allowed to have more than 2,999 voters. Precinct boundaries change infrequently, however every ten years district lines are redrawn in Congress and at the state level and the City of Kalamazoo is required to adjust precinct lines accordingly. An interactive precinct map is available within the City's GIS system by clicking on Map Layers and selecting Voting Precincts. You can also view a pdf city-wide precinct map (PDF) (2.20 MB)

Kalamazoo County Commission Districts

Kalamazoo County is divided into eleven districts, each of which elects a member to serve a two year term on the Kalamazoo County Board of Commissionersthe legislative body of the Kalamazoo County Government. A county-wide map of districts and individual district maps are provided by Kalamazoo County. 

Legislative Districts

The City of Kalamazoo lies within the pdf 6th Congressional District (23 KB) , the pdf 20th State Senate District (28 KB) , and the pdf 60th State House District (38 KB)

City of Kalamazoo

Home to the Kalamazoo Promise, three institutions of higher education, two nationally recognized healthcare systems, cutting-edge medical research, world-class brewing and dining, outstanding parks, and an extensive variety of music, art, theatre, and cultural attractions.


 (269) 337-8000
 (269) 337-8182
 241 West South Street
     Kalamazoo, MI 49007

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