KDPS Records Division Closed through January 2017

The Kalamazoo Department of Public Safety Records Division will be closed to the public, effective today through January 2017. We are in the process of hiring new Records Division employees.

The following alternatives will be available to assist with the requests we routinely handle:

To pay a parking ticket issued by the City of Kalamazoo/Public Safety, do so by phone at 1-888-995-5110, online at www.parkingticketpayment.com/kalamazoo, or in person at 241 W. South St (Kalamazoo City Hall).
Copies of accident reports are available for purchase online at https://policereports.lexisnexis.com/

To request a copy of a police report or to file a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request, call 269-337-8185, fax to 269-337-8922, or email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Gun registrations, including Licenses to Purchase (LTP) and Concealed Pistol Licenses (CPL) will be handled at the Kalamazoo County Sheriff’s Office. Info can be found at http://www.kalcounty.com/sheriff/gunregistration.htm (Note: The Kalamazoo Public Safety contact info will not be in effect during this closed period)

Fingerprinting for employment and expunction processes – The $12 payment must be made at 241 W. South St (Kalamazoo City Hall). Receipt showing proof of payment will need to be shown to a Public Safety Officer at 150 E. Crosstown Pkwy to get fingerprinting done.

Criminal History Checks - the Internet Criminal History Access Tool (ICHAT) allows the search of public criminal history record information maintained by the Michigan State Police, Criminal Justice Information Center. All felonies and serious misdemeanors that are punishable by over 93 days are required to be reported to the state repository by law enforcement agencies, prosecutors, and courts in all 83 Michigan counties. Information on obtaining these background checks is available at http://apps.michigan.gov/ichat/home.aspx

Sex Offender Registration payments must be made at 241 W. South (Kalamazoo City Hall). Receipt showing proof of payment will need to be shown to a Public Safety Officer when registering at 150 E. Crosstown Pkwy.

We apologize for any inconvenience this will cause. Thank you in advance for your understanding.

Latest Lead and Copper Sampling Reveals Reduction in Lead Levels

Analysis of water sampling conducted in 2016 to monitor lead and copper levels has concluded 90th percentile levels to be 4 parts per billion (ppb) for lead and 896 ppb for copper – significantly lower than the 13 ppb lead and 1200 ppb copper levels reported in the previous round of sampling in 2014.

It is important to note that these levels represent the 90th percentile of all samples collected, meaning that 90% of the samples were at or below 4 ppb for lead and 896 ppb for copper. The EPA requires action when the 90% percentile level is at or above 1300 ppb for copper or 15 ppb for lead.
148 homes were sampled in 2016 (up from 59 in 2014) which resulted in a better overall representation of the water system. In addition, all samples collected were taken by a water certified City employee instead of relying on homeowners, resulting in more consistent sampling.
The City’s pro-active Lead and Copper Program not only includes water quality monitoring, but also a corrosion control program to minimize the likelihood that lead can leach into the water supply, a lead water service replacement program, and a public education program.

The 2016 lead and copper monitoring event was the City’s ninth since the enactment of the Lead and Copper Rule in 1992. The City of Kalamazoo’s Public Water System continues to fully comply with the federal and state Safe Drinking Water Act Lead and Copper Rule.
These analytical results and others regulated under the Safe Drinking Water Act will be included in the next annual Water Quality Report (Consumer’s Confidence Report) in July 2017. Free water testing is available to customers of the water system. If you would like to have your water test, please call (269) 337-8550.

More information about the City of Kalamazoo's efforts to protect water resources and improve water quality can be found at www.protectyourwater.net.

Statement from Mayor Hopewell following the Presidential Election

Kalamazoo Mayor Bobby J. Hopewell released the following statement in light of last week’s Presidential Election results.

“Following last week’s Presidential Election and the divisive and unprecedented tone of the campaigning that preceded it, many members of our community woke up on Wednesday feeling anxious and worried.

This election will change our President, but it will not change our values. Kalamazoo is a diverse and welcoming place, one of the many aspects of this community of which I am extremely proud. We celebrate, value, and respect our differences and no one individual will change that.

I have been saddened to hear reports of increases in hate crimes and intimidation following the election. Bigotry and hate will not be tolerated in our community. I urge everyone to remain diligent and report any instances of intimidation or potential harm to Kalamazoo Public Safety. For those feeling afraid, there are resources available in our community and the region. Know there are caring people available to help in both your neighbors and support services in the area.

We must continue to stand by one another, stand up for what is right, and remain engaged. Presidential elections are held every four years, but there are always opportunities to get involved and move our community and nation in a positive direction. The City Commission and I will continue this work and I hope you will join us.”

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