2019 Municipal Election

Below is the list of candidates who have successfully filed to appear on the November 5th ballot for the offices of Mayor and City Commissioner (Candidates are listed in the order of filing). Candidates may request information from the CIty Manager while running office. Documents that have been requested by and provided to any candidate are available by following the link below. 

2019 Candidate Requested Documents

Responses to candidate questions:

9/30/19: Why does the City of Kalamazoo have a Prevailing Wage Ordinance Policy after the State of Michigan dropped the prevailing wage requirement?

Purchasing had the discussion with Clyde Robinson, he stated that we still were obligated to administer the local ordinance policy even if the State did away with it. 

9/30/19:When does the City of Kalamazoo Prevailing Wage Ordinance Policy apply?

The Prevailing Wage Ordinance applies to all construction project over $100,000. 

9/24/19: Are we in the process of designing the new Edison Public Safety building (Station 2) and, if so, will the design be using any green building standards?   

Station 2 is in the process of being designed. The firm engaged to design the new station, DLZ, has been requested to include sustainability options such as solar energy, a green roof, stormwater capture, natural lighting, and the use of recycled materials. The City intends to incorporate as many of these features into the design as possible.


  1. Corey Smith
  2. David Anderson
  3. David Benac
  4. Esteven Juarez

City Commission

  1. Pete Kushner
  2. Patrese Griffin
  3. Andrew Argo
  4. Jacob Andrews
  5. Jeanne Hess
  6. Emily Demorest
  7. Chris J. Praedel
  8. Benjamin Hayden Stanley


Below is the list of candidates who have successfully filled a Write-In Candidate Declaration of Intent form for the offices of Mayor and City Commissioner for the November 5th election.  The filing deadline for write-in candidates is Friday, October 25, 2019 at 4:00pm.  

(Candidates are listed in the order of filing.)


  1. Robert Martinez
  2. Lynne Ristow

City Commission






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