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Wedding Ceremony Request

Public Act 211 of 1972 authorizes Mayors to solemnize marriages in the State of Michigan and in 2007 a new law authorized Mayors to perform marriage ceremonies anywhere in a county in which their City is located. The Vice Mayor can perform a wedding when the Mayor is out of town. If you would like the Mayor to perform your wedding ceremony, please complete this form. Someone from the City will contact you with scheduling information and assist in facilitating the request. 

Prior to the Ceremony

The Mayor may travel within the county. City of Kalamazoo Staff will work with you to schedule your ceremony.

If you would like your Ceremony performed at City Hall, there are two rooms available. One is a small conference room which hosts up to 10 people. The second is the City Commission Chambers which hosts up to 60 people. These rooms will need to be scheduled and City of Kalamazoo staff will attempt to accommodate these requests.

The Mayor uses standard vows for each ceremony he performs; a copy of the vows will be emailed to the couple for their review. If the couple has their own vows or ceremony preferences, it should be provided to the City Manager’s Office two weeks prior to the ceremony.

There is a minimum fee of $100.00, checks payable to Kalamazoo City Treasurer. It is acceptable for the couple to pay more if they choose to. The money is deposited in the Parks & Recreation fund to support the park programs. This must be paid prior to scheduling. You may mail or bring in person to: City Hall, 241 W South Street, Kalamazoo, MI 49007.

Kalamazoo County issues Marriage Licenses which can be obtained from the Kalamazoo County Clerk located at 201 W. Kalamazoo Avenue (383-8840) up to 30 days prior to the actual wedding date.


The Day of the Wedding Ceremony

Please bring all copies of the Marriage License. After the ceremony, the Mayor and the witnesses will sign the license. The City of Kalamazoo will submit to the County Register of Deeds. Kalamazoo County then certifies and mails a copy to the couple.

Please contact the City Manager’s Office at 269.337.8047 for additional information.