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 Petitioning for Parking Change

The City of Kalamazoo will consider altering on-street parking modifications via petition. The petition must clearly indicate the requested Sign Type, side of the street, Street Name, and the cross streets where the beginning and end of the change is requested. All on-street parking changes are made for an entire block. All petitions shall clearly state: "If approved, signs will be posted approximately 200 feet apart depending on property lines, trees, and at the discretion of the City Traffic Engineer".   document  Parking Petition Example

If you have any questions regarding the on-street parking petition, please contact (269)337-8601. Staff is available to answer questions and review the petition language in order to proactively identify any approval issues.

The following is a description of the process:

  • Applicant to draft a petition and contact City staff for assistance or questions.
  • Petition to be circulated to all property owners with frontage along the road for which the request is made. The signed petition must contain signatures of fifty percent (50%) or more of the owner of record (not occupant) frontage on the block(s), and only one signature per household.
  • A letter of intent should be submitted with petition to the Traffic Engineer for review in advance of consideration of the Traffic Board. The review will consist of feasibility, public safety, crash history, and other factors.
  • Petitions can be hand delivered or mailed to:

City of Kalamazoo
Public Services
Traffic Engineer
415 E Stockbridge
Kalamazoo, MI 49001

  • After review, petitions will be put before the City Traffic Board for approval. The citizen requesting the change will be invited to attend.
  • If approved, all street sign changes will be made as weather and time permit.