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Stuart Area Restoration Association (SARA) 

Stuart was first settled by wealthy businessmen, professionals, and craftsmen. Among them was the politician and lawyer, Senator Charles Stuart, who built his 1858 Italianate home in the area. The neighborhood's Douglas Avenue was named after Senator Steven Douglas, a prominent guest of Senator Stuart.

The Stuart area is part of the Stuart Neighborhood/Henderson Park Historic District and contains over 350 buildings ranging from Queen Anne to Renaissance style architecture and includes Italianate, Gothic, Greek, and Colonial influences. This area was one of Kalamazoo's earliest neighborhoods beginning in the 1850's.

The mission of SARA is to preserve our historic neighborhood and improve the quality of residential life through mutual cooperation and involvement.

Stuart Area Restoration Association

Max Tibbitts, Executive Director
530 Douglas Avenue
Kalamazoo, MI  49007

Website:  http://www.stuartneighborhood.org/

Office hours by appointment only, call (269) 383-6734

SARA Board of Directors, Meeting: 2nd Tuesday of each month, 7:00 p.m. at SARA Offices
SARA Neighborhood Development Committee: 1st and 4th Tuesday, 6:30 p.m. at SARA Offices
SARA Annual Meeting: 2nd Tuesday in April, see website
Historic Homes Tour: see website
SARA Newsletter: monthly, see website