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Site Plan Review

With the exception of single family homes and duplexes, projects in the city that include construction of a new building, a building addition, or a change in use of an existing building to a more intensive use must go through the site plan review and approval process. A completed Site Plan Review Application form and either a Sketch Site Plan or Full Site Plan for the project need to be submitted to the Community Planning and Development Department prior to obtaining building permits or beginning the work. Sketch Site Plans are required for smaller building additions and change of use projects, and Full Site Plans are required for larger additions and new buildings. The Site Plan Review Committee reviews site plans over a two-week period, followed by a meeting of the Committee with the applicant. Once the site plan is approved by the Committee, applicants can submit building plans and apply for building permits for their project.

The following Site Plan Review forms and information should be reviewed when preparing a plan for the Site Plan Review Committee. Contact the Planning Division at (269) 337-8044 for more information.

1.  pdf  Title Page
2.  pdf  General Information & FAQ's
3.  pdf  Required Plan Review By Project Type
4.  pdf  List of Applicable Site Development Ordinances
5.  pdf  Contact List
6.  pdf  Full Site Plan Submittal Checklist
7.  pdf  Sketch Site Plan Submittal Checklist
8.  pdf  Landscape Requirements
9.  pdf  Site Plan Review Application and Questionnaire

This spreadsheet Site Plan List (66 KB)  is the current list of site plan projects in the city.