Kalamazoo City
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Site Plan Review

A description of the Site Plan Review process and associated Site Plan Review requirements can be found on the Planning page.

Additional requirements that pertain to water resources protection include but are not limited to the following:

  • Ordinance Number 1825, Appendix A: Chapter 3, Section 3.6 "Wellhead Protection Zoning Overlay" that addresses land use prohibitions, restrictions, and the necessity of groundwater protective measures within Wellhead Protection Capture Zones
  • Ordinance Number 1826, Appendix A: Chapter 8, Section 8.3 "Performance Standards for Groundwater Protection within Wellhead Protection Capture Zones and Stormwater Quality Management" that requires protective measures to minimize potential adverse impacts to groundwater sources that provide drinking water supplies and surface water resources
  • Chapter 29 "Stormwater System" of the Code of Ordinances that primarily addresses illicit connections and discharges to the City's stormwater collection system