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Riverside Cemetery

The larger of the two City cemeteries, Riverside Cemetery is located at 1015 Gull Rd, with Civil War Vets area 05 21 2013 004two entrances along Gull Road and one on Riverview Drive.  Started around 1862, Riverside Cemetery has always been municipally owned.  One will find a variety of settings here at Riverside --well-shaded, open, rolling and flat-- as do the deer and the squirrels.  In the backmost section you'll see into Spring Valley Park with a view of Spring Valley Lake.  If you wait to see the sun rounding its way to the west you'll notice how it radiantly lights up the west-most landscape.  There is a view to enjoy at almost every angle.  Or maybe you'll want to stop and honor those since passed who have served in the armed forces, usually designated by a small marker and new flag every spring.  We welcome you to visit our cemetery to reflect, to contemplate, to learn, and to enjoy the peace and beauty Riverside Cemetery has to offer.  So you don't get lost while doing so, please print off the Riverside Cemetery Map below or take a map from the mailbox behind the old office building up front.

Note for families/researchers/genealogists: Please note the Section number/letter and Lot number of the individual or family you are trying to find, then use the respective Section Map below to help pinpoint the location before arriving at the cemetery.  While the Section numbers are posted on the grounds, as well as labeled on the Cemetery Map, the lot numbers are usually not obvious anymore.


Riverside Cemetery Section Maps (shows lot orientation within each section)
icon Section 1
icon Section 16 icon Section A
icon Section GG  Section NN icon Section U
icon Section 2 icon Section 17 icon Section AA icon Section H icon Section O icon Section UU
icon Section 3 icon Section 18 icon Section B icon Section HH icon Section OO icon Section V
icon Section 4 icon Section 20 icon Section BB icon Section I icon Section P icon Section VV
icon Section 5 icon Section 22 icon Section C icon Section II icon Section PP icon Section W
icon Section 6 icon Section 23 icon Section CR1 icon Section J icon Section Q icon Section X
icon Section 7 icon Section 24 icon Section D icon Section K icon Section QQ icon Section Y
icon Section 8 icon Section 25 icon Section DD icon Section KK icon Section R icon Section Z
icon Section 10 icon Section 26
icon Section E icon Section L  icon Section RR  icon Section ZZ
icon Section 11 icon Section 27 icon Section EE icon Section LL icon Section S  
icon Section 12 icon Section 28 icon Section F icon Section M icon Section SS  
icon Section 14 icon Section 29 icon Section FF icon Section MM icon Section T  
icon Section 15 icon Section 30 icon Section G icon Section N icon Section TT