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Right of Way (ROW) Permits and Fees

Any occupation or excavation in the public right of way, such as streets, alleys and sidewalk areas, requires a permit and inspection.  Right of Way permits and inspections are necessary to ensure individual safety, proper traffic control and adherence to City of Kalamazoo construction standards, while ensuring the City is also protected from liability issues.  Permit Applications can take up to 7 days to approve so we ask residents and contractors to plan accordingly.

A permit is required for replacement or construction of any: public sidewalk, driveway (residential or commercial), curb and gutter, all utilities, temporary encroachment, storm sewer connection.   A completed  pdf Right of Way Application (44 KB)  may be turned in at:

City of Kalamazoo, Public Services - Traffic Operations Division
415 Stockbridge Ave, Kalamazoo, MI
8:00am - 4:30pm
The permittee must notify the City of Kalamazoo at least 72 hours before starting work, and must notify the City of Kalamazoo when work is completed by calling 269-337-8601.


Permit Fees* **

  Curb and Gutter $100.00 
  Driveway, Commercial $100.00
  Driveway, Residential $100.00
  Sidewalk $100.00
  Storm Sewer $150.00
  Temporary Encroachment $150.00
  Utility (Non-Telecommunications) $150.00
  Other (for activities not mentioned above) $100.00
  Late Fee (Applied when failure to obtain the necessary permits prior to the start of work, and is in addition to standard permit fees.) $100.00


*Right of Way Permit and Bonding required for all activities listed.

**All permittees may be charged a "Plus Expenses Fee" when outside consultants are required, or when the City of Kalamazoo personnel time and labor goes above and beyond what is customary for inspection, including follow-up for activities and sites lacking permits.  A list of hourly charges for personnel and equipment normally used by the City will be available upon request.  Such charges are subject to change without notice and reflect necessary and actual costs for services.