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Construction Projects

Farmers Alley

The City of Kalamazoo will be working with Consumers Energy to upgrade the sewer, water, electrical, and fiber optic infrastructure through Farmers Alley. The project will include complete removal of the surface infrastructure from building face to building face including road way, sidewalks, and lighting. The existing sanitary sewer will be upgraded to new 12 inch PVC pipe and Consumers Energy will be replacing the existing electrical conduit with new. All conflicting utilities will be removed and replaced with new utilities.

Specific details of this project will be available HERE
Start Date:  March 2016
Anticipated Completion:  Fall 2016

Franklin Street

James St to March St
Mill to gravel and resurface.
Length: 540 Feet

Franklin Circle

Mill and resurface.
Length: 175 feet

Hibbard Avenue

4th St to South end
Mill and resurface.
Length: 415 feet

Millard Court

Crosstown Pkwy to Roskam Ct
Mill and resurface.
Length: 370 feet

Robin Lane

Parker Ave to South end
Mill and resurface.
Length: 524 feet

Roskam Court

Millard Ct to East end
Mill and resurface.
Length: 200 feet

East Main Street (City of Kalamazoo & Kalamazoo County Road Commission)

East Michigan Ave to Nazareth Rd
Convert to three lane road, add center turn lane and bike lanes, modernize traffic signals, upgrade pedestrian ramps and bus stops, realign intersection of East Main St, East Michigan Ave, and Gilbert Ave
More information can be found here

East Michigan Avenue 

Riverview to Wallace
3" Mill and resurface with a road diet from Riverview to East Main Street to add bike lanes.  Convert to three lane road, add a center turn lane and bike lanes from East Main Street to Wallace.
More information can be found here
Plans are available here

East Kilgore Road

Kilgore Service Road to Sprinkle Road
3" mill and resurface.  Road diet from four to three lanes with bike lanes.  Addition of some sidewalk. 
Estimated construction schedule 

8/18/16 - Saw cutting
8/22/16 – 9/5/16 Kilgore Road Closed at Rail Road Crossing & Removals and Earthwork
9/5/16 - 10/1/16 Concrete
10/1/16 – 10/15/16 Restoration
10/15/16 – 10/26/16 Milling and HMA Paving
10/2716 – 10/28/16 Pavement Markings & Open to traffic

Plans are available here.

Dutton Street

Jasper to Portage
1 1/2" mill and resurface.

Fair Oaks Drive

Sycamore to Pine Grove
Storm sewer relocation.

Tremont Street

Inkster to Parkwood
3" mill and resurface.

Jack Pine Drive

West Michigan to North End
3" Mill and Resurface