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Potter's Field Project, Riverside Cemetery

From time to time, the cemetery has benefited from the offer of an aspiring Eagle Scout to organize and complete a project which we would otherwise not be able to do.  The previous project saw a large section of our veterans' headstones cleaned, the flag pole and base refurbished, and an on-sight listing created showing all visible veterans' graves at Riverside Cemetery including any marked information and cemetery section.

In late 2012, the cemetery office was approached again to see if we had any suggestions for an Eagle Scout project.  As new cemetery staff, it had recently come to our attention that, over the years, Potter's Field had been neglected and sorely mistreated.  Our request went out: "Clean up Potter's Field as much as possible, then put a rope fence around it so people are aware it is a burial ground and can treat it as such."  Though the task can be wrapped up in one sentence, we don't mind telling you it took: multiple weekends, large dumpsters filled more than once, a post hole digger, wheel barrows, lots of bottled water, oodles of bug spray, plenty of volunteers, a few volunteer-group lunches, careful leadership approval, very supportive parents, and a young man willing to accept and organize this huge task!  Work commenced in the Spring of 2013 with the final touches wrapped up by early Fall.  --The photos you see here are from the Potter's Field project.

A huge THANK YOU! goes out to our Eagle Scouts, and to all the volunteers who worked with them to benefit the cemetery, and as such, their community!

potters2 potters3

potter4  filled a couple of these

potter7  posts going in to support a rope fence

potter8                     wise old resident doing inspection

potter6                     the final touches