Kalamazoo City
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Mountain Home and Riverside Cemeteries both date back into the mid-1800's.  Considering the age of each cemetery, they both represent quite a range of local history.  Many buried within Kalamazoo's first cemetery, now known as South Westnedge Park or Pioneer Cemetery, were later transferred to either Mountain Home or Riverside.  With students of history in mind, we have gathered a list of some of Kalamazoo's fathers and mothers.  Some were heroes, some were not.  Many made an economic impact, others influenced culture.  Some broke barriers of race and gender.  While every life has a story, we simply cannot bring them all to you.  Instead, we offer the stories we have found, with high hopes that the history of Kalamazoo will become richer and fuller as the evidence of their lives and families -their humanity- is seen at the cemetery.

Again, it is our privilege to welcome you to take a walk through history as you walk through our cemeteries.  Please find the location within the cemetery listed after the link. -- If you wish to draw a connection from the individual to the current happenings of their time, A Chronological History of Kalamazoo may be of interest to you as well.

Above all, please visit safely.  An article on document  Cemetery Safety  is here to help you anticipate some areas of possible concern.


Gilmore brothers (James & John), Mountain Home, Section 6, Lot 33.

Charles B. Hays, Mountain Home, Section 7, Lot 5.

Frank Henderson and Henderson Castle, Mountain Home, Section F, Lot 219.

Blanche Hull: Civic and Cultural Leader, Mountain Home, Section 1, Lot 10.

John Milham, Mountain Home, Section J, Lot 453.

Epaphroditus Ransom, Mountain Home, Section E, Lot 166.

Lucinda Hinsdale Stone, Mountain Home, Section E, Lot 176.

U.S. Senator Francis Stockbridge, Mountain Home, Section 1, Lot 8.

Charles E. Stuart, U.S. Representative and U. S. Senator, Mountain Home, Section B, Lot 48.

(See also Hon. Charles E. Stuart House)

Albert M. Todd, Mountain Home, Section 5, Lot 1.

William Upjohn, Mountain Home, Section 6, Lot 57.

Edwin and Cynthia Van Deusen, Mountain Home, Section 4, Lot 13.

See "Museography, Vol. 4, Issue 1, Fall 2004" for information on

p. A10---Sylvester Axtell: Mountain Home, Section H, Lot 256.

p. A10---Justus Burdick: Mountain Home, Section G, Lot 240.

p. A12---George and Emma Humphrey: Mountain Home, Section 7, Lot 11.

p. A14---Mary E. Pengelly: Mountain Home, Section K, Lot 494.


Jacob Kindleberger, Riverside, Section BB, Lot 54. ---See also, Obituary of Jacob Kindleberger.

Phillips Brothers: Musicians of Distinction ,

---Gilmore Phillips: Riverside, Section FF, Lot 66. ---Joseph Phillips: Riverside, Section X, Lot 63. ---Joshua Phillips: Riverside, Section II, Lot 6.

Leonard Slater, Riverside, Section G, Lot 107

Joseph B. Westnedge, Riverside, Section E, Lot 55.

Albert White: African American Builder Broke Racial Barriers, Riverside, Section S, Lot 103.