Kalamazoo City
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Renaissance Zones

In Kalamazoo's Renaissance Zones, businesses, residents and property owners are virtually free of local and state taxes, including the following:

  • Michigan Business Tax;
  • Michigan Personal Income Tax; and
  • Operating Property Tax Levies (except debt taxes)

So, whether you're looking for the right place to rehabilitate or build a home, or if you're looking for tax relief for growing your business, then Kalamazoo is the place for you!

Residents will continue to pay sales tax and all federal taxes.

Businesses will continue to pay unemployment insurance, social security taxes, worker's compensation, sewer/water fees, Michigan's six percent sales tax and all federal taxes.

Everyone will continue to pay property taxes levied to finance local bonded indebtedness or special assessments, so as not to jeopardize the community's current bonds. Kalamazoo Public Schools currently collect about 4.08 mills to retire bonds. This amount could change (up or down) during the term of the Renaissance Zone program.

Kalamazoo's Renaissance Zone designation began January 1, 2001 and lasts for 15 years. The final three years of the zone will begin a phase-in of taxation. In the year 2013, taxpayers will pay 25% of their full tax liability; 50% in the year 2014; 75% in the year 2015; and 100% after year 2015.

For questions regarding Kalamazoo's Renaissance Zone boundaries and specific tax information, call the City Treasurer's Office at 269-337-8036.

For general questions about Kalamazoo's zone, call the Economic Development Department at 269-337-8082.

For questions regarding the state-wide Renaissance Zone program, contact the Michigan Economic Development Corporation at 517-373-9808.

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