Sanitary Sewer Overflow at N Burdick and Clay St

The City of Kalamazoo Department of Public Services personnel were notified at 6:35 pm on June 11, 2017 of a storm sewer overflow from a manhole located in the 1300 block of North Burdick.

The Department of Public Services staff determined the source of the water was the unauthorized use of hydrants in the area which was under construction for sanitary sewer repairs. The storm sewer on North Burdick was plugged to prevent the accidental release of wastewater during construction. The total volume of the release was estimated to be 140,900 gallons with approximately 110 gallons of the discharge being sewage. Normal flow conditions in the sanitary and the storm sewers were restored at 8:15 pm on June 11, 2017 and the impacted area has been remediated.

As required by law, Water Reclamation Plant personnel notified the Michigan Department of Environmental Quality at the Kalamazoo District Office and the Kalamazoo County Environmental Health and Community Services of the spill.

Contact: James Baker, PE
City of Kalamazoo Director of Public Services
(269) 337-8768