Kalamazoo City
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How You Can Help

You can help yourself and operations at the Kalamazoo Wastewater Treatment Plant. Follow these suggestions when possible, and you'll save yourself money and make the KWRP more productive and cost-effective.

  • Do laundry, run the dishwasher, take showers and baths in "off" hours.

This equalizes the hydraulic load on the plant. For example, the mid-afternoon flow is 70% higher than the flow at midnight.

  • Do not flush disposable diapers, plastic sanitary applicators and other plastic or latex objects down the drain.

These items plug pumps and create nuisance waste in the plant. Ultimately they are sent to a landfill, so why create additional hassles that affect your bill? They also affect the operation of sand filters (see below). Of course, we do understand the fascination small children have with flushing objects down the toilet. Truly, a few lost blocks or socks are undoubtedly worth the joy of watching a child's wonder with moving water. (Perhaps there's a career in wastewater for that child!)

  • Remove plastic "windows" before recycling envelopes.

These small pieces of plastic end up in the wastewater when recyclable paper is washed prior to reprocessing. In the past few years, the increased amount of these plastics has resulted in plugging of tertiary sand filters, decreasing their efficiency and increasing maintenance. In addition, because so much of the KWRP operation is outdoors, these bits of plastic sometimes stick to equipment, dry out, and are caught by the wind - creating litter and contaminating food and water sources for wildlife.

We know these suggestions may create a hassle for you. We appreciate any effort you make to keep the environment cleaner and make our job easier. Thank you!