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Historic District Violations

Within Kalamazoo's historic districts, any exterior work, except paint, paving or plantings requires review and approval of the Historic District Commission or the Historic Preservation Coordinator. Exterior projects completed without approval or with approval but not in compliance with the specified conditions are considered to be a violation of the pdf  Housing Code  of the City of Kalamazoo Code of Ordinances.

When unapproved work is discovered, the Coordinator sends a letter to the property owner which cites the work in question, states why it is inappropriate, and proposes a remedy There is no fee for this letter and any follow-up site visits or consultations.

If there is no response from the owner (or in the case of a rental property, the rental agent), a second letter is sent. The second letter carries with it an automatic charge of $70.

If there is no response from the owner or agent after the first two violation letters, an appearance ticket will be issued to the owner by the City Attorney's Office and the matter will move into the court system. Ultimately, the owner is the responsible party. Under extreme circumstances the court could order the unapproved work to be removed from the structure and the work redone at the owner 's expense with a potential fine of up to $5000. (Michigan PA 169).

Questions about violations can be directed to the Coordinator at 337-8804 or email.