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HazMat Management Program

Hazardous materials by accidental spill, neglect or by criminal action can get out of place in the environment. When this happens LIFE, SAFETY, and property needs to be protected. Resources we use in common such as ground water need protection. A family living in an apartment next to an abandon METH lab needs to be protected from toxic materials. These very different problems along with spills or improper material handling need a timely response that protects LIFE, SAFETY and property. The following mitigation of these hazardous materials requires the proper resources and professionalism.

To accomplish this, a regional Hazardous Materials Management Team was established in 2004. The City of Kalamazoo Public Safety Department team members have joined with members from the City of Portage, Kalamazoo County, Comstock Township, Oshtemo Township, Pfizer Corp., South Kalamazoo County Governments and others. There are about 40 members on the team, with an executive board representing the contributing governments and industries. This Team is an efficient use of resources, from the training needed or equipment used, but the level of resources needed would be difficult for any one local governmental unit to support. An intergovernmental team approach has the resources to do the job. Keeping the best use of resources in mind, after the Hazardous Materials Management Team responds too an incident, private contractors may quickly become involve in the remediation of the site in a cooperative effort.

The cost of response for remediation of a Hazardous Materials spill or incident can quickly rise. The cost of billed time and one-time use gear add up. The citizen, business or corporation processing or transporting Hazardous Materials should use due caution and follow the regulations that apply. Your local Hazardous Materials Management Team will bill the party at fault for a Hazardous Materials incident or spill. Be responsible avoid the bill. Protect the environment.

Contact: Chris Kotecki (269) 337-8071