Kalamazoo City
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District & Precinct Information

City Precinct Map

An interactive precinct map can be found on the City's GIS site. When in the mapping system, click on Map Layers, select Voting Precincts and select Refresh to view. In addition, a you can view a  pdf  Citywide Precinct Map .

Directions to Each Precinct

The table below provides direction maps for each individual polling location. By clicking on "Get directions" and adding an address in the appropriate box, directions will be provided to the polling location.

 Pct 01  Pct 02  Pct 03  Pct 04  Pct 05
 Pct 06  Pct 07  Pct 08  Pct 09  Pct 10
 Pct 11  Pct 12  Pct 13  Pct 14  Pct 15
 Pct 16  Pct 17  Pct 18  Pct 19  Pct 20
 Pct 21  Pct 22  Pct 23  Pct 24  Pct 25
 Pct 26  Pct 27      

Individual Precinct Maps

The table below provides maps (.pdf) of each individual precincts boundaries.

pdf  Pct 01 pdf  Pct 02 pdf  Pct 03 pdf  Pct 04 pdf  Pct 05
pdf  Pct 06 pdf  Pct 07 pdf  Pct 08 pdf  Pct 09 pdf  Pct 10
pdf  Pct 11 pdf  Pct 12 pdf  Pct 13 pdf  Pct 14   pdf Pct 15
pdf  Pct 16 pdf  Pct 17 pdf  Pct 18 pdf  Pct 19 pdf  Pct 20
pdf  Pct 21 pdf  Pct 22 pdf  Pct 23 pdf  Pct 24 pdf  Pct 25
pdf  Pct 26 pdf  Pct 27    

County Commission District Maps

The table below provides maps (.pdf) of each County Commission district. Districts highlighted in gray, represent the City of Kalamazoo.

 District 01  District 02  District 03
 District 04  District 05  District 06
 District 07  District 08  District 09
 District 10  District 11  

Legislative District Maps 

pdf  Congressional District 6 Map

pdf  State Senate District 20 Map

pdf  State House District 60 Map

Polling Location Listing

Use the pdf  Street Guide (52 KB)  to locate the precinct for each street within the City of Kalamazoo.


How often do the City's precincts change?

City precinct boundaries change infrequently. However, every 10 years District lines are redrawn in Congress and at the State level. The City of Kalamazoo is required to adjust precinct lines accordingly.

How many voters are allowed per precinct?

Under State law, precincts are not allowed more than 2,999 voters.