Kalamazoo City
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Contaminated Sites Program

The Environmental Services Division (ESD) works to identify and manage contaminated sites in the City of Kalamazoo that may threaten public health and well-being, including our drinking water supplies. Such sites include abandoned and active gas stations, dry cleaners, industries, and other potential sources of pollutants.

At sites where the City has liability for contamination and some financial responsibility for remediation, ESD staff participate actively in characterizing the problem, identifying a solution, and implementing a remedial strategy approved by the appropriate regulatory agency, the Michigan Department of Environmental Quality or the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency.

Examples included Superfund sites such as the former Cork Street Landfill. We also assist other City departments and Public Services divisions with environmental issues related to locations for which they have responsibility. ESD recently assisted in property acquisition for the new Consolidated Public Safety Station.

Kalamazoo River/Allied Paper Superfund Site