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The Brownfield Redevelopment Initiative (BRI) identifies, prioritizes and acquires environmentally-distressed properties. Our staff then assembles resources to remove redevelopment barriers.

Our systematic approach results in numerous community benefits:

  • Protection of public health and a cleaner environment
  • Tax base enhancement
  • Finding productive uses for neglected and environmentally challenged sites
  • Job creation and retention
  • Spin-off redevelopment and stronger neighborhoods
  • Creating an alternative to suburban sprawl and the loss of open space

Download the  pdf 2013 Annual Report (868 KB)  for information about the program.

A committee of local experts periodically reviews BRI sites for redevelopment priority. Download pdf  Site Prioritization Report #2 (10.88 MB)  prepared in 2002, and pdf  Site Prioritization Report #3  prepared in 2010.

Brownfield Redevelopment Authority

The City of Kalamazoo was one of the first cities in Michigan to create a Brownfield Redevelopment Authority and implement a pdf Brownfield Plan (6.06 MB) . Potential benefits to developers who redevelop these sites are significant:

  • Reimbursement for environmental costs, demolition and infrastructure improvements
  • Michigan Business Tax credit for a minimum of 12.5% of investment in property improvements
  • Potential tax abatements for eligible projects and investments

The city will consider including privately-owned properties in its Brownfield Plan. Properties may qualify due to environmental conditions or the functional obsolescence of structures.

** pdf Revised Brownfield Plan, Draft, October 2, 2017 (5.85 MB) **

Download our pdf  Recently Completed and Underway Projects Report  and view our successfully completed projects.

Download our amended and restated  pdf Brownfield Plan (6.06 MB)  as well as the pdf  Policy for Inclusion in Brownfield Plan  and the pdf  application .

In 1996 and 2000, the City of Kalamazoo received a $200,000 USEPA Brownfield Assessment Pilot Grant and a $200,000 Supplemental Assistance Grant. These funds have been a critical component to our success.